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Knowledge Center/FAQs

How dose a battery works ?
A battery release the stored chemical energy in form of electricity which used by the vehicle’s ignition system for cranking the engine. The battery power may also used for lights and other electrical accessories. It might also need to power entire electrical system in case of alternator failure for the shot of time.

What are the sign of battery failure ?
Problem in starting the vehicle
Inappropriate functioning of electrical devices of the vehicle
Your headlights look dim at idle and then brighten when you start the vehicle cooling machine may not working properly.

What should be consider when buying a new battery ?
Size of battery for fitment purpose in the vehicle
Power :amps required to power your vehicle.
Warranty: to avoid the failure of battery within the lime limit.

Process to Replace a Car Battery?
It is advisable to replace the battery through the expert technician only. However, if you need to install the battery yourself, you are advised to follow the below instruction:
1. Turn OFF the car engine and pull out the key
2. Mark the positive (+) cable, so that you can remember the proper connection.
3. Now you need to remove the ground / negative (-) cable first
4. Make use of proper tools to avoid damaging cable clamp bolt heads
5. Now remove the battery and start cleaning corrosion and dirt from the battery tray in the car and also from the battery.
6. Make sure that the ground cables or the negative cables are properly grounded to the engine frame.
7. Now place the battery properly in the battery tray.
8. Connect the marked positive (+) cable to the positive terminal of the new battery first. Keep in mind that you should connect the negative (-) cable at last
9. Now use Vaseline / petroleum jelly on the battery terminal posts
10. At last check and verify the correct charge voltage.

Importance of Ground wire Removal ?
Before the changing a new battery or cleaning of terminals always check for the type of ground wire vehicle has, normally it is negative wire(-), should be remove first from the battery. Otherwise the positive (+) wire removal through metal tool can be touch in the car body which will create spark and create the ignition that could cause the battery explode. It is very important to removal of ground wire first.

Reasons to make Battery week ?
Massive use of battery power for lightning, air-conditioning, music system can make your battery weak
Rash driving
Low charge and acid stratification.
Using air-conditioner, lights and music system, when car is in idle condition

Battery Maintenance Tips:
1. Make regular interval cleaning of your car battery and connectors
2. Periodically inspection of the battery for damage and fluid leaks etc
3. Keep fully recharge of your car battery
4. Keep terminals and cables tight and ensure proper flow of electricity
5. Switch off music system, air-conditioner and lights, when it is in idle condition and then before the starting the car.
6. Check the fluid level of the car battery on regular intervals
be cautious while following maintenance tips as battery is an acidic and electrical device which may cause injuries if not handled properly.

What is Free Warranty ?
In the free warranty period, the battery will be replaced or repaired fully free of cost, subjected to the battery warranty terms & condition.

What is Pro-Rata ?
Its a kind of partial warranty, the manufacturer provide it as percentage %) discount on the MRP which ic counted from purchase date to the complaint date. However, the replaced product is then covered by an equal new warranty.
For example if a car battery 18 months free warranty and additional 18 months pro-rata warranty, and it fails in the 19th month, then 50% of its duty cycle is over so 50% value of the car battery will be deducted from its current price at that point of time. And you will get 50% discount on the MRP of the newly replacement.

Que. Who Takes Care of the After Sales Service? Ans: Like all other products, manufacturer of the battery takes care of the after sales service. For example, if you purchase a Nokia Mobile with 1 year warranty, for any kind of repairing you will visit the nearest Nokia Care not the retailer. This is same with the battery. If you have purchased any battery from us and it fails in its warranty period, then you are advised to contact the battery manufacturer like Amaron, SF Sonic or Exide. You can contact them on:

Amaron Customer Care Number : 1800-425-4848 (toll-free)

Exide Customer Care Number : 1800-103-5454 (toll-free)

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